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Focusing on short-term results is the natural thing to do. Psychological research proves that short-term rewards and punishments have much greater effects on feelings and behavior than longer-term ones

Because luck has such huge effects, winners know that short-term results can be extremely misleading. A good decision can cost them money, whereas a bad one can yield a profit. You must therefore look beyond the immediate results and focus on every decision’s longer-term consequences.

It is a fundamental premise of the game that you must make correct decisions and not concern yourself with consequences…. Whether you are right or wrong in the current situation makes no difference. What matters is that your judgments are sound, based on the best information available to you. If your judgments are better in the long run than those of your opponents, you will be taking home the money in the long run.

Losers react to impulses—including quite foolish ones—then feel vindicated if they get lucky. The immediate kick prevents them from seeing that their decision-making process guarantees that they will be long-term losers.

For example, a loser may foolishly play weak cards, get lucky, and win a huge pot. Instead of recognizing his mistake, he may congratulate himself for being brilliant, intuitive, or courageous. Of course, people who play terrible cards will certainly be long-term losers, but they may look very good for a little while. They may even feel contempt for the “cowardly” or “unimaginative” people who play the percentages, study strategy, and wait for good cards.



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